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I went to them and explained my situation with my student loan, and they advised my to re-date the cheque for next month. Then they went.

My first reaction was why did you accept a post-dated cheque? As Al pointed out, you cannot post-date cheques with the expectation that they. Travellers Cheques - Frequently Asked Questions. Find out. How do I cash Travellers Cheques?. When do I fill out the date on my Travellers Cheque? She drops the cheque into the RE on the Monday insted of the Tuesday (which was what date the cheque was dated). Hope you are following!

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Jan 21, 2016. All Co-operative Banks are therefore advised that they should accept cheques bearing a date as per National Calendar (Saka Samvat) for. Nov 23, 2011. When a cheque is issued, what should be considered the date of payment? Is it when the cheque is physically handed over or when it is. Your problems with Anna Tims Cheque-mate as Co-op bank takes rap for. Judge supports customers use of certainty of fate rule after a cheque was paid in. Date of cheque etc. (1) Where a cheque, or any indorsement of a cheque, is dated, the date shall, unless the contrary is proved, be presumed to be the day. Jul 29, 2014. The point of post-dating a cheque is that the cheque isnt good or capable of being cashed until the date on the cheque. Therefore the. Similarly, we find that in the Dictionary of Banking by F.E. Perry it has been stated that on cheques post-dating, whatever be the intention of the drawer in isolated.

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A CSR for PCFinancial told me that post-dating is just an agreement between you and the person who wrote the cheque, and if you deposit it.

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