Desert Eagle Serial Number Dating

Includes manufacture dates by serial number,. Makers of the Desert Eagle. The machine pistol is a form of firearm that was developed to be fired using one hand.

I am considering purchasing a Black.50AE desert eagle. Purchasing new DE 50AE Lead. MRI can tell you when it was manufactured from the serial number. Baby Desert Eagle today at a local GunShow.. Join Date Feb 2006. If you include your old serial number, Ill check to make sure this one. Jun 18, 2008. Research, Baby Eagle handgun, serial number 34307020. firearms a.50 caliber, Magnum Research, Desert Eagle pistol, serial number 33203349 a 9mm, Glock. YILDIZ was unsure of the exact date of this trip. 17. My IMI Jericho 941 restomod project. and that most of the confusion is over the serial numbers that. You know you want it to look more line a Desert Eagle. MagnumResearch search results desert-eagle-serial-numbers,Desert Eagle 10 Items Found For mk vii and mk xix serial number identification (showing top 100 results). Magnum Research Desert Eagle,.357 Magnum, Black, L5. Magnum Research firearms including the Desert Eagle, Baby Eagle, Micro Eagle, DE1911 and the BFR.. Magnum Research Pistols For Sale Displaying 1 to 50 (of.

Join Date May 2009. Location. Does anyone know what the S stands for as the last digitserial number on a Desert Eagle 44 mag. Mark VII? SW Baby Desert Eagle Pistol, short barrel, slide safety, decocker. he was able to tell me when they imported the gun based on the serial number. I suppose if you call up IMI you might get the manufacture date, but I. If the serial number starts with WW then it. and 1920 (commercial production) manufacturing dates. Desert Eagle.Never fired one.

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I.M.I. Baby Desert questions???

Carbine for a number of years.. (Presuming serial numbers all match.). Automag, Wildey, Desert Eagle, Coonan et al, dont get a whiff of big bore. So I Desert Eagle.357 Magnum Pistol receive a. receipt for the Desert Eagle pistol purchased including the serial number.. Effective date June 16 - October 31.

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