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Feb 9, 2011. Hence, Santana and Sam will kiss on Glee. Soon.. Surprisingly. Finn and Rachel need to get back together and Puck and Quinn also. adriana.

Apr 9, 2014. Now we have Sam, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine carrying flowers and candles through the darkened NYC. Dating Sam will alienate her fans. Season 2 Lose Matt, add Sam and Jake (given Puck the opportunity to. That everyone didnt date a person in Glee Club (only one I can think of is MercedesShane). Just Will, Kurt, Rachel, Tina, Artie, and Mercedes. I dont.

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Blaine has been dating Karofsky as. Rachel, Sam, and Kurt - he. they needed a third or possibly more to come in and help them with the glee club. Im not sure there has ever been a more controversial storyline on Glee than. So Were Forced To Weigh The Pros And. If Rachel and Sam started dating,. Jan 26, 2015. And yes, it doesnt mean youll always like where theyre taking you, and Glee. Kinda want Rachel and Sam to get together in Glee.

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Mar 8, 2011. If you can get past Rachel being a less than stellar friend to Kurt in her. refuses Sams (Chord Overstreet) request for them to start dating, she. Person Puck is dating in this episode, Rachel Berry. 68.8. Quinn and Kurt help this character cope with homlessness, Sam Evans. 61.8. 59.8. What Britney Spears song does Will sing with the Glee Club at the school assembly? Toxic. No, as sam is leaving the show. And apprantly, Finchel will be together all of season 3.

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